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We have provided health tourism services for you in rastan company


Our service is offered at the best price in the world

The best surgical specialists

Our doctors are among the most skilled doctors in the world in the field of surgery and treatment

Therapeutic tours

Different types of health and tourism tours to all parts of Iran

medical services

Providing services for all diseases such as liver transplant, kidney transplant, heart disease, urinary tract diseases, infertility, eye diseases, pediatric diseases, etc Also Dental services (teeth whitening, filler, laminate, teeth removal and ...)


Offering beauty services such as hair transplant and skin care services. hair transplant, which is a process that does not need to faint and is with local anesthesia. The hair after the transplant remains permanent, does not fall, and can be washed and flown. There are also many methods that do not require surgery, such as: Botox, chemical peels, fillers (cheek filler, wrinkle filler, lip filler) and lasers

Our services when traveling

We offer you the best services in the best specialized medical centers such as Imam Khomeini Hospital, Shariati Hospital, Heart Hospital, Farabi Eye Hospital and ... We provide you with all services in all stages of travel, such as airport transfers, tickets, accommodation, food, hospital transportation and treatment with the best prices.

Our Doctors

Dr. Zeinab Falah

She graduated from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Dentistry. She is the youngest dentist in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Dr. Zainab Falah is the head of the dental department at Rastan Medical Company.

Dr. Ali Jafariaan

He has a fellowship of liver surgery, bile duct and liver transplantation from Cleveland, Mayo clinic from the United States of America, a certificate of pancreas transplantation of The University of «Alberta» in Canada, has a board of general surgery and also vascular surgery. Dr. Jaafarian holds a PhD from the University of Tehran and is the Vice Chancellor of Tehran University for Medical Sciences.

Dr Alireza Falah

Dr. Reza Falah is General Manager and Founder of Rastan for Medical and Tourism Complex, graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences (the best medical university in the Middle East). Dr. Alireza Falah manages the various fields like executive, scientific, therapeutic and cultural of the company The qualify management of Dr. Falah throughout the medical and tourism complex caused the success of this institute and the satisfaction of the work of the institution by patients is close to 100 percent.